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Russian & Classic Lips

The Russian lip technique is a group of techniques that are used to achieve height on the top lip and dropping the bottom lip giving it a deep ‘V’ shape, in turn giving the lips contour and increasing their volume.

Lip augmentation is suitable for both men and women. Lip enhancement improves the lips contour and increases their volume. The procedure can be done on client’s over 18 years old (ID may be required). As we age, our lips lose volume, become more dehydrated and wrinkled, and this procedure helps improve the lip, sharpen them and bring the lips back to their former glory.

What should I expect from this treatment?

  • Instant and natural results
  • Improves volume and fullness
  • A perfected cupids bow
  • Flat side profile
  • No duck effect
  • improvement of the lip contour
  • Can last from 4 to 12 months depending on individual

Duration of the filler isn’t guaranteed. Life style, metabolism and diet can have a roll on how long your fillers lasts.

Who is a candidate for this treatment?

Anyone who desires to…

  • Increasing the volume of the lips
  • Wants to correct the asymmetry of the lips
  • Improve the equalization between the upper and lower lip
  • Looking to improve the signs of aging around the mouth
  • Hydrating/Moisturizing the lips and rejuvenating them again
  • Those who seek a natural finish

What’s the difference between lip fillers and Russian lips?

Unlike traditional lip filler, an injector using the Russian Lip technique injects the product vertically starting at the base of the lip and drawing the product outward toward the lip border. Rather than starting from the lip border and working inward, the injector works the product from the inside out.

What to do before lip enhancement treatment

  • Do not drink alcohol the night before treatment
  • On the day of the procedure do not have caffeine
  • If you have history of herpes/cold sores please go to your GP and request medication for the prevention of herpes, and take them 3-5 days before and after the treatment.
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or using hair removal cream on the area to be treated.
  • During the first 4-6 hours after your lip augmentation, you should avoid touching and massaging the injection sites.
  • For 3 days, you should avoid heat or sun exposure or any form of heat like sun beds, saunas etc… Arnica cream and Antihistamines can be used to reduce swelling and bruising
  • Drink plenty of water (Hyaluronic Acid LOVES water)

(Please be aware before and after photographs of you will be taken).

Revolax lip enhancement from – £120
Juvederm lip enhancement from – £270